Serious Stuff

I have spent my career in the electronics industry.  Serious Stuff is a collection of articles I authored for various electronics trade magazines.  In here you will find an overview of where I see the industry going.

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Just Thinkin'

I am a lucky guy!  I have had a fun and interesting life.  Just Thinkin' is a collection of articles about my life, from blogs about my mom’s Dementia, to my life on the fringes of Hollywood.

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My Music

My Music is a collection of songs from the band I play in. Orange Jews is made up of four Jewish guys from Orange County, CA….hence the name. These are recordings of some of our performances.

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Since 1993

We All Have A Voice

Ain’t the Internet grand? Think about it. Once upon a time not so long ago, if a person wanted to get an article published in a magazine, they would have to send a query letter to hundreds of publications, and hope someone would open the envelope, take the time to read the article, like it, and then take the time to respond. It was like hitting the lotto.

Today, anyone can get published. All it takes is a web domain, and a Word Press site. That is exactly what you are looking at right now. And the cost is less than 2 Happy Meals! Now, we all have a voice, and we can be heard. And even better, your material can be picked up through SEO, at no cost. If people are interested in the topics you write about, they will find them. HOW COOL IS THAT?

So The Perryscope is my voice. On this site, I will share my thoughts, my interests, and my ideas. Take a look at life through The Perryscope.

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If you need to contact me for any reason, simply click the button, let me know how to reach you, and I'll get right back to you.