All About Me

What A Cute Kid!  What ever happened?

My name is Perry Goldstein.  I was born and grew up in Milwaukee.  I spent a few years in Chicago, which is where I got my start in the electronics industry, working for the legendary Pacific Stereo.  In 1980, I moved to Southern California, and have been here since

My Story

My life has been a collection of totally unpredictable experiences.  I’ve dined and traveled with historical figures, been places most people dream of, and have been involved in crazy situations you could not make up.  It’s been a fun and crazy trip on this place we call Planet Earth.  I am sharing some of these experiences with you.  I hope you enjoy them.


The Amazing Life Of Perry Goldstein


The Marx Brothers

I have been a disciple of The Marx Brothers since I was a teenager.   I am honored to resemble them.  



 Electronics Consultant To The Stars

During my career in consumer electronics, I found myself called on to help some of the most famous people in show business with their electronics.


(See my blog “Me & Mr. Peck”)


Hangin’ Around With Sports Stars

Through my business dealings, I have become friends with some of the most famous names in professional sports.  Manny Mota, Mark Spitz, and more. (See my blog “The Greatest Pinch Hitter IN MLB History”)


Music, Music, & More Music

Music has always played a big part in my life.  As far backas I can remember, I was singing, and listening to music.  I love to write parody music, and have a nice library of parody songs.  At The Perryscope,  you can hear music that I play, as well as some really good music that I find on YouTube.

(Check out my live performances in the Orange Jews tab)


Check out these fun stories, music videos, and more…

The Perryscope is filled with memories of a life fully lived, fun stories, music, and my special guest bloggers.  I especially like sharing music that I make, and that I listen to.